Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I ESAs are generally required when acquiring properties in order to evaluate the current and historical use of the site and determine if there is a potential for hazardous materials use and/or a release of these materials on the site. Phase I ESAs are completed for both commercial and industrial properties as well as rural and open land, multi-family residential properties, and other property to be acquired in a real estate transaction.

ESA Services Include

  • Regulatory Data Gathering
  • Historical Research
    • Sanborn Maps
    • City Directories
    • Interviews
    • Aerial Photographs
  • Site and Area Reconnaissance by an EP
  • Owner and Occupant Interview
  • User Interview
  • Identification of Data Gaps

In the United States, a buyer, lessor or lender can be liable, by virtue of property ownership, for remediation of hazardous substances in the soil and/or groundwater underlying a site, even if the prior property owner caused and/or contributed to the contamination. Completion of a Phase I ESA represents due diligence and provides an “Innocent Landowner Defense” for a prospective property purchaser or lenders.

ASE personnel have extensive experience conducting Phase I ESAs on large tracts of undeveloped land, commercial properties, landfills, residential and large industrial and manufacturing facilities. All Atlantic Shores ESAs are conducting in accordance with ASTM E 1527-13 and the EPA All Appropriate Inquiries Rule by an Environmental Professional (EP).

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